Manage your business from your Smartphone

OnePlan BizLine – the virtual phone system for your business


Work anywhere – call forward all your business calls to your existing smartphone, home phone or desk


Professional image – record custom greetings and setup custom menus and extensions to suit your business


Stay connected – create multiple users, departments and voicemails for your entire team


Business phone numbers – keep your business number, or get a new local or toll-free number. Keep your personal number private

Choose the right plan for your business
No long-term contracts required

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Get your new business phone number up and running in 5 minutes

How it works - Easy as 1-2-3

Step 1

Step 1 choose a number

Choose a new local or toll-free number for your business
(or use your existing number)

Step 2

Step 2 record greeting

Set up extensions and record custom greetings and voicemails

Step 3

Step 3 direct your calls

Direct your calls to your desk, home, or mobile phone
(with or without the BizLine app)

Keep your personal number for your friends & family
Get another number for your business

Bizline application
ID icon

Know who's calling before you answer

Instantly know if an incoming call is personal or for your business.

Info Icon

Display your business number

When you call using the Bizline app, your business phone number shows on their caller ID.

Create a professional image for your business

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Customize your greetings

Boost your professionalism by recording a welcome greeting and menu for your business.

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Get a toll-free number

Provide a toll-free number to better serve your customers and prospects.

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Use business-specific voicemail messaging

Record a different voicemail for your business. Keep your personal life your own.

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Set business hours for your calls

Choose when to accept business calls. After hours, calls can be routed straight to your professional business voicemail or wherever you desire.

Everything you need in a business phone system – no expensive hardware or software required

All OnePlan BizLine plans include the following essential features:

Phone Icon

Phone numbers & rates

Local and toll-free numbers with flat rates and no surprises

Business phone numbers

Pick a new local number for your business that’s yours to keep

Unlimited long distance
Calls to 85+ countries included in your plan
Number porting

Already have a great business number? No problem – porting it is simple & seamless

Toll-free numbers

Get a North American toll-free number for your customers

Unlimited calling

Our flat rate plans are budget-friendly – no surprises!

Add extensions

Add extensions easily to your account at any time

Extension Icon

Extensions & calling features

Set up extensions to suit everyone’s individual work requirements

User extensions

Create and manage individual or group extensions with ease

Call forwarding

Send calls to to any phone in the world – even multiple phones, simultaneously!

Caller ID (incoming)

Know who’s calling & decide how to route the call

Call screening

Get key info about an incoming call before you decide to take it…or not

Call Recording

Record incoming and outgoing calls and save files when required

Professional voicemail

Customize voicemail messages for each extension

Smartphone calling app

Download our app to make your calls or manage your contact list

Caller ID (outgoing)

Set your own outbound caller ID

Do not disturb

Send calls directly to voicemail during certain times or on demand

Call Notifications

Get a text or email when incoming calls reach your number or leave you a voicemail

Voicemail to email

New voicemails are delivered straight to your email

Address book

Import your address book for quick, easy access to your contacts

Call waiting

Switch between two simultaneous incoming calls

Call blocking

Block incoming calls from specific numbers

Call handling icon

Call handling

Route your calls to suit the needs of both your business and your customers

Custom Greetings

Record your custom greetings and set up your own departments

Live Call Queues
Put callers “on hold” until they can be connected to a live person
Drag-and-drop interface

Change your settings easily with our intuitive drag-and-drop interface

Auto-attendant menus (IVR)
Direct calls to the right people (eg. “Press 1 for sales, press 2 for billing”)
Call transfer

Transfer a call to another number or extension

Incoming faxes

Still need faxes? Get them delivered to your mailbox

Auto call scheduling

Route calls or play menus or greetings based on caller, time, or day of the week

Custom hold music

Play professional hold music or upload your own files or announcements

Conference Calls

Host conference calls with multiple participants


"I’m right on the border of Burlington and Oakville. I can sell myself in both areas [so] the phone number that I’ve obtained is an Oakville phone number. My Toronto clients don’t have to dial out long distance – they can dial me easily."

Barbara Frederikse
Barrister & Solicitor, Frederikse Law

"It’s been incredibly simple for us when we add new team members to get voicemail set up. We have the phones set up to ring to our desks during office hours, then after hours it transfers over to our cell phones, so we’re always in contact with clients in Canada. Also, voicemails go straight to your email so it’s quick and easy and you never miss one."

Micheal Lemmer
Founder & President, ML6 Search + Talent Advisory


What is OnePlan BizLine?

OnePlan BizLine is a virtual phone service for your small business. It allows you to have a dedicated business telephone number, where you can route incoming business calls wherever you choose: to you or to your team, to your desk phones or mobile phones. You can even record custom greetings and set up extensions so that your small business looks bigger than you are! Best of all, OnePlan BizLine is available for a small monthly fee, without the hassle and long term commitments of the big telephone companies.

How good is the call quality with BizLine?

When calls are transferred to your mobile device, we use your phone carrier’s network, so the quality and reliability is the same as your personal mobile number on your smartphone. If you are receiving calls on a desktop internet protocol (IP) based phone, your call quality will be equal to the quality of your internet connection.

When can I start receiving calls on my new number(s)?

Most numbers are activated immediately after approval of your account. Occasionally our toll free vanity numbers may take up to 24 hours to activate.

When do I pick my phone number(s)?

During the account setup process, simply tell us what city you would like for your number, and we’ll then provide you with options.

Can I add extensions or phone numbers on top of what's available in my plan?

Additional numbers beyond what your plan includes can be added to your account for a small monthly fee. Extensions can be added by contacting our support team.

Do I have to sign a contract, and can I change my plan in the future?

Our service is provided on a month-to-month basis and there are no contracts to sign. You can make changes to your plan at any time; upgrades take effect immediately, and downgrades take effect starting the following month and billing cycle. You are responsible for all usage charges incurred before a change takes effect.

Are international calls included in my unlimited minutes?

This is dependent on the plan: some plans do include International and/or offshore calls. To enable international calling on your account, please contact our support team.

Your Title Goes HereCan I get a professional voice recording for my greetings?

Yes! Although many customers choose to record their own personal greetings and prompts, we can record your greeting(s) on your behalf.

Can I use the app with either an iOS or Android phone?

Yes, there are both iOS and Android apps available.

Can I use my current number with the OnePlan BizLine?

Yes. if you own your current telephone number, in most cases we can port (transfer) your number.

Can I get an additional number for my business or personal use?

Yes. A second phone number is ideal in a number of circumstances. For example, if you have business in another city, such as Vancouver, you can purchase a local Vancouver number to establish a local presence in that city. You can also purchase a number from, for example, London or New York, in order to make your business more international. Some businesses also acquire a different number for specialty use, such as an exclusive sales line, while other customers simply want an extra personal number for family and friends.

Does OnePlan BizLine use my cell phone plan’s minutes?

It depends on how you handle calls that are sent to your mobile phone. If you route your calls to your mobile phone then yes, when you receive calls, OnePlan BizLine uses the minutes included in your cellular phone plan. However, if you use the BizLine app to receive and make calls on your cell phone using a wifi connection, then your cell phone plan minutes are not used.

Does OnePlan BizLine use WiFi for calling?

Yes, if you so choose! When making an outbound call using the app on your mobile phone, if you are connected to a wifi network, you can choose to dial using wifi OR by using your cellular phone network.

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